Allow Your Vehicle to be Pampered by a

Trained Visibly Clean Expert! 




Mobile Services are priced slightly higher than services performed onsite.

Savings $41.99

Metro Detroit's Premier Vehicle Detailing

$21.99and up

Paint Correction

Washing and polishing light scratches is key to the restoration and beautification of any vehicle.  It can be done simply and cost-effectively to restore your vehicle's paint job to look shiny showroom new.

Visibly Clean Expert Detailing Center

Power Washing

Houses                                              Vinyl Siding

Decks                                                 Awnings

Patios                                                 Driveway
​Graffiti Removal                               Commercial Kitchens
                                  And Much More!

Your vehicle will be pampered with precision care,  the use of quality products, and great attention to detail. 

21355 Woodward - Ferndale, MI 48220



All Services by Appointment Only

Tuesday-Saturday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Vehicle Detailing

We only use the New claybar, top-of-the-line Polishes and Waxes, the best Polishing tools, and Micro-Fiber towels each time.  Only the best procedures and products will be used for your Interior cleaning and only High-end tire dressing is what we offer. Did we mention the convenience of coming to your home or business?


$47.99and up



$136.99and up

  •  Total Interior Vacuum
  •  Total Interior Sanitize, Scrub, Wiped            Clean
  •  Total Overhead Cleaning including Sun      Visors
  •  Dash, Console, Door Panels Sanitized,        Wiped Down and Dressed
  •  Seats Cleaned and Extracted with              Fabric Protector or Leather/Vinyl             Conditioner, Fabric Protector added
  • Carpet Shampooed and Extracted
  • Door Frames Wiped Down and Cleaned
  •  Seat Frames, Floor Brackets, Hooks             and Handles
  • Sanitized and Wiped Clean
  • Trunk Cleaned, Sanitized, Vacuumed.       ​    Wiped Clean
  • Door and Trunk Frames Wiped Down
  • Windows Cleaned
  •  Air Freshener

Trucks, SUVs, Vans…...………..…..……...…$24.99
Vehicles with Third Row…...…….…...…...$28.99
Extended Vehicles with Third Row.......$35.99

Large Extended Vehicle w/3rd Row…...$39.99
Monster Size Vehicles.....…...……….…....$50.99

  • ​​Shampoo
  • Hand Wash
  • Wax
  • Micro Towel Dry
  • Wash Tires and Wheels
  • Premium Tire Shine
  • Total Interior Vacuum
  • Dash and Console Wiped Down,      Sanitized and Dressed
  • Door Panels Wiped Down and Sanitized
  • Ashtrays Emptied and Wiped Out
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Tires Dressed
  • Air Freshener​

Trained Professionals

Visibly Clean's staff are thoroughly trained in every facet of vehicle washing and detailing.

Our continued education keeps our staff members up-to-date on the most effective, environmentally friendly washing and polishing products so that you receive only the very best results.


You can trust Visibly Clean to provide

Quality, Professional Service every single time ...Guaranteed!

Value   Our services are the best value for your money on the market!
Quality  We use only the finest high quality performance chemicals & equipment.
Convenience  We come to you fully equipped with all we need for your car wash and detailing and pressure and power washing, including water & electricity.
Professional Our friendly staff has been professionally trained to handle all of your car care cleaning and detailing needs as well as houses, decks, patios, driveways and much more!

Trucks, SUVs, Vans…...………..…..……...…$52.99
Vehicles with Third Row…...…….…...…...$68.99
Extended Vehicles with Third Row.......$70.99

Large Extended Vehicle w/3rd Row…..$89.99
Monster Size Vehicles.....…...……….…....$95.99

​​FREE Exterior Body Gloss -$10.00 Savings

FREE Leather Seat Conditioner or

Vinyl Dressing a $20.00 Savings

  • Wax Shampoo and Hand Wash
  • Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Tires Washed and Premium Tire Shine
  • Total Wheel Cleaning
  • Micro Towel Dry
  • Gas Door Wiped Down
  • Total Interior Vacuum of Carpet and Seats
  • Dash, Console,  Door Panels and Vents Sanitized,  Wiped Down and Dressed
  • Seat Frames Wiped Out
  • Door and Trunk Frames  Wiped Down and Sanitized
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Air Freshener